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Eccountant ERP





Product Development
Chemical Supplies & Indenting

You can rely on us for the supply of chemicals of any sort that suit your production. You can also draw on our extensive network of producers and suppliers spread all over the world with our on ground presence in USA, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands, China, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.


Our specialization now supports Paints & Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Ink, Master Batches for plastics and other polymers, Agro-processing, Paper, Leather, Personal Care, and Lubricant Industries. The leading manufacturing brands are relying on our expertise and so you can.


If you are looking for Titanium Dioxides TiO2 (various grades and sources), Extenders for pigments, Phosphoric Acids (Food and non-food grades), Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Nonionic Surfactants, Coalescing or Dispersing Agents, Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG), CMC Thickeners and Driers. Look no more; just call us or drop an email.


CIT is one stop shop solution for those businesses that have insatiable commitment to growth and success. This is our speciality which defines us. Please don't come to us if you are NOT ambitious.

Supplies & Indenting
Product Development & Innovation

In today's world you cannot afford to be wrong or not to innovate. With sate of the art lab facility only CIT can offer you advice that can economise your operations or suggest innovations in the industry to add value to your products.


If you want to adjust your formulation or want to look for a cheaper substitute that is better, efficient and saves cost for you... ask us. We can help you with testing and can guide you with recipe adjustments. 


We told you ...... we are like no other.

Health & Safety
Climate Change
Health, Safety Environmental Compliance Support

Markets are squeezing for those producers and suppliers who are not considering to integrate buyers' environment compliance demands. It is CIT's promise that we can help you with the planning and can even take you to the next step where innovation becomes your everyday workstyle.


Our experts are continuously working with international partners to learn for you about industry trends and buyers’ preferences and what it entails for manufacturers when it comes to commercial operation. Let us know of your issues or opportunities that you are interested in exploring ... we will always be there to help you.

Eccountant ERP
A Cloud Based - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

Classic International Trading takes a leap forward into business management support and now offers Eccountant, a highly secure, user-friendly and cost-effective cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning  platform for organizations that aspire to grow and require on the go access to their business. Eccountant integrates all business units to at one dashboard hence is the most comprehensive package for business management and provides you a flexible and robust approach to manage your customers, operations, processes, people and financials.

Business Consulting
Business Brainstorm
Business Consulting for Growth

Classic International Trading is the only business partner that can help you with improving your sales,
marketing, strategy or leadership results to achieve your growth objectives. Some of these that we help
with include repositioning the firm in the market, entering new industry segments, launching new products
or services, diversifying your business, restructuring your financial position, negotiating with banks and
corporate rebranding. If you are struggling with any imminent management problem or your profitability is
declining…call us. We can indeed help.


CLASSIC® Industrial Trading (CIT) Pvt. Ltd.
Winning Together

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