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Classic® International Trading (CIT) is a comprehensive supply chain solution provider based in Lahore, the fastest-growing commercial and industrial city in Pakistan. Our products and services include the supply of industrial chemicals, textile raw materials, cattle genetics, and eCommerce and ePayment-enabled end-to-end ERP solutions. We have earned a central stage in the material supply business due to our phenomenal growth in the past few years.

CIT is the market leader in selling Rutile Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in partnership with Shandong Jinhai Titanium Resources, China. We are also the largest seller of Calcined Kaolin marketing renowned Britex 95, 96, and 108 of Shanxi Bright Kaolin, China. Maple (Yantai Fenglin), the largest seller of polyester resins in Pakistan, is also represented by us. CIT is also a key stakeholder in cattle genetics production and distribution in Pakistan through Prime Genetics Pvt. Ltd. Prime Genetics is also Alta Genetics, USA's sole and exclusive representative.

We are proud to represent other world-renowned brands such as Union Colours, in the UK; LEVACO, Germany; Tiaga Additives, in Indonesia; EGE KiMYA, Turkey; PennWhite, the UK; UBE, Japan; Hyuachang Zhidian New Material (Jiangsu), China; SidleyChem, China and Lamirsa, Spain. Our diverse client base stretches across Paint & Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Ink, Masterbatch for plastics, Agro-processing, Paper, Leather, and Personal Care Industries.

Vision: Our vision is to be the market leader in chemical trading and indenting, setting standards for product quality and safety in a socially responsible manner. We aim to be an inspiration for the industry and stand out as a business partner whom you can trust and rely on.

Mission: Our mission is to be the most trusted source of quality products and high-tech solutions for various industries in Pakistan. We always strive to provide knowledge on quality, safety, and performance based on in-house testing in local conditions, maximizing the value for our customers and business partners.

Business Strategy & Values: At Classic International Trading (CIT), we always focus on Winning Together. We care about how we get there as we create value for you and sustain success. With a foundation of honesty and integrity at the center of our values, we strive to always do the right thing. From maintaining safe and reliable operations to developing insights that benefit our customers to innovating the future, we remain focused on making a difference for people who count on us. We always aim for excellence and work together in an inclusive, performance-driven setting. We collaborate for results and keep learning from our business partners to bring out our personal and collective best. Our core values are ingrained in our corporate culture and how we do business, and we strive to showcase our values within all of our interactions.

Shandong Jinhai TiO2
Shanxi Bright
Maple Powder Coating
Union Colors
EGE Kimya
Taiga Additives
Penn White
Lamirsa Biocides
Our Team
Sajjad Moghal CEO
Mohammad Sajjad Moghal, CEO

Phone: +92 (0)300-4437-650

Mr. Sajjad is a seasoned professional and entrepreneur with extensive experience working in corporate and multinational companies. He has managed projects and assignments worth hundreds of millions of dollars and believes in innovation, moving fast, and taking his business partners along. Mr. Sajjad has two master's degrees in business management and public policy, as well as several professional certificates. He has attended Harvard Kennedy School in the USA and GRIPS Graduate School in Japan.

Imran Sheikh
Imran Sheikh, Managing Partner

Phone: +92 (0)344-445-2020

No one can guide you better than Mr. Sheikh. The person who really shaped and developed the chemical trading and indenting in Pakistan. You can bet on him for subtle supply, sound advice and reliable partnership.


Mr. Sheikh having earned his masters in business, holds over 17 years of active trading experience in Pakistan. While extensively travelled abroad, he has been trained at most prestigious institutions in the world.

CLASSIC® International Trading (CIT)
Winning Together

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