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Jinhai TiO2 R6618 R6628
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
The White Pigment

Our ultra-white color Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) range due to its optimized particle size, light scattering, surface opacity, stability to heat, light and UV properties makes it enormously popular among manufacturers including paints and coatings, plastics, paper, inks, fibers, foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Classic International Trading offers famous R6618, R6628, R6658 and R6668 TiO2 grades covering the entire spectrum of white pigmentation in paints, coatings, inks and plastic masterbatches. Prized for its ultra-white color, TiO2 from Shandong Jinhai Titanium Resources Technology Co. Ltd. has become the largest selling brand in Pakistan. We ensure stable supply, cost optimization and technical support that no other brand can match.

Maple Powder Coating Resins
Powder Coating Resins

We offer powder coating manufacturers a complete solution. You can ask us for raw materials from world renowned and Pakistan most popular supplier Yantai Fenglin Advanced Material Company. We offer complete range of Maple brand products including Hybrid Polyester resins, TGIC based resins, HAA based resins, and most of all Epoxy & TGIC resins that blends well with the "Maple" line. All at one shop, isn't it great?

Paint Driers
Paint Driers
For Alkyd based Paint Formulations

Primary through auxiliary driers are required for solvent based alkyd paint formulations. Like, an expert chef you need to know the perfect blend. Our single and mixed paint driers with different metal concentrations and solvent types provides sharp focus on drying times and paint appearance. Regardless of your needs for Cobalt, Neo-Cobalt, Calcium, Zirconium, Zinc, Magnesium or Strontium or a combination of driers as single component. We offer you a one stop shop solution from REACH compliant EGE KiMYA, Turkey . You can rely on our expertise, advice and supplies.

Powder Pigments
Pigment Powders
High Performance Colorant Powders

As one of the leading suppliers of pigments, Classic International Trading delivers its customers with high-performance coloring and protection solutions for industry-specific requirements. The breadth of our portfolio encompasses organic and inorganic pigments for paints, varnishes, plastics, coatings, printing inks, latex, adhesives and construction materials. Our Pigment Powders give high performance, fastness, and cost-efficiency. Moreover, these powders are manufactured in compliance with the EU standards.

Citanol - C12 and C16
Coalescing Agent
Unique Mid-Chain Unsaturated Esters

Coalescing agent's primary role to soften the polymer results in solid uniform continuous film as the paint dries. Our Coalescing Agents provide mechanical strength to the paint and coating film and ensures higher scrub resistance, better block performance, and harder films as a result of reduced loadings and unique molecular structure.

CITANOL® C-12 and C-16 control the drying of polymer latex films even in low VOC applications. CITANOL® ensures that film is flexible and coherent. In sum, CITANOL provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of coalescent, enhancing the performance properties of the paint including low temperature coalescence, touch-up, scrub resistance, washability, color development, thermal flexibility, and resistance to mud-cracking.

Kelgo PT - SHMP
Wetting cum Dispersing Agents – SHMP

Our wetting agents reduce the surface tension hence increase the spreading abilities of pigments in paints and coatings, preventing the formation of agglomerates. Classic International Trading offers a well-known brand, KELGO-PT®, a dispersing agent for emulsion paints, plasters, and adhesives. It is a slightly alkaline sodium polyphosphate of medium chain length. This product improves the storage stability. KELGO-PT® Polyphosphates and, in particular, Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP), are unique that changes the distribution of the ionic charges in soluble compounds. This stabilizes the emulsion, which becomes more fluid. This extremely useful property enhancing the shelf life and the film quality of Paints

Surfactants for Agriculture
Surfactant for Agro-Industry 
Ionic and Non-Ionic

Classic International Trading offers a wide range of additives and auxiliaries for agrochemical formulations and have an experienced team with the knowledge of the development, production and use of these products. In collaboration with LEVACO Chemicals, Germany we focus on delivering products of high quality based on sustainability and innovation.

CIT offers an-ionic and non-ionic products including Suspension Concentrates (SC), Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC), Wettable Powder (WP) or Water dispersible granules (WDG or WG) most suitable for local Agro-industry along with sustained technical support throughout the product development and commercialization process.

Rheology Modofier
Rheology Modifiers
Thixotropy Control Agent

Rheology Modifier (RM) are widely used to increase viscosity, provide thixotropy, prevent pigment settling during storage. They improve flow, leveling, lubrication and film forming properties besides resisting water. RM are particularly popular in paint and coating, lubricating grease, ink, oil drilling and polymer material industries. We offer BP-183-I and BP-188 range from Zhejiang Huate China. These two most sought after grades ensures high gelling efficiency, ideal thixotropy, high viscosity over a wide temperature range preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.

Calcined Kaolin
Calcined Kaolin &
Aluminum Silicate
White Pigment Enhancers & Replacers

Classic International Trading offers Britex® - 95, 96, and 108 grades of Calcined Kaolin from the famous Shanxi Bright Kaolin Technology Corp Limited China, which is the largest producer of high-grade calcined kaolin in Asia. Our Britex® range improves and maintains paint and ink performance, delivering increased profitability and improved processing efficiency at a competitive cost. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a partial substitute for TiO2 or Aluminum Silicate for cost optimization, Britex -108 should be your primary substitute.

Aluminium Silicate works well as a white pigment extender in paints, printing inks and paper. It acts as a partial substitute for Titanium Dioxide besides increases the covering power and brightness of coatings in paints and in paper. Classic International Trading offers SODASIL® P95 from IQE Group, Spain.

Barium Sulfate CIT
Barium Sulfate (Sulphate)
Pigment Enhancer cum Filler for Powder Coatings

Barium Sulfate is a white powdery substance that naturally occurs as mineral barite and is used as white pigment for paints and used as filler in plastics. Classic International Trading supplies product from well-known manufacturer of Barium Sulfate. The offered barium sulfate is a white crystalline solid which is widely used as a pigment and paper brightener. Our supplied barium sulfate is very useful as a radiocontrast agent and plastic filler. The offered barium sulfate is easily available at an affordable and economic price.

Dispersions/ Colorants
Pigment Dispersions
High Performance Colorants in Liquid

Classic International Trading offers organic pigment dispersions with customized compatibility to enhance product performance. Our products ensure that you persistently get superior quality in achieving desired color fastness, opacity, light and thermal stability in all weather conditions. Our product array allows high pigment loading, reduced viscosities, dispersion stabilization and optimal color value, enhancing pigment dispersions for paints, coatings and inks.

We offer pigments from leading manufacturers in the UK & China. The wide range that we offer include Red 112 & 122, Yellow 1 & 3, Orange 5, Black 7, Blue 15:0 & 15:3, Violet 23 and Green 7.

Oxide Group
Red & Yellow
Iron Oxides High Performance Colorant

Iron oxide pigments are among the most important inorganic pigments and are valued for their stability in fluctuating temperatures, low reactive nature, low toxicity, and excellent tinting strength. Classic International Trading supplies quality Iron Oxides products in both Red & Yellow from China for use in various applications. Our specialty lies in the customization that we can offer as per our client requirements with regard to the shades and physical properties. We offer Iron oxides that are inexpensive and durable pigments in paints, coatings and colored concretes.

Additives CIT
Additives – Biocides, Leveling, Flow, Anti & De-foaming Agents

Increasing environmental regulations and performance pressures, among other factors, are motivating change in how additives are used in today's industry. If you are looking for any specific property improvements in your products, we offer a range of solutions including Biocides and a complete range of biocides, flow and leveling agents, defoamers and anti-foams. We are maintaining our tradition of delivering high quality products by adding more value, we have ensured best value for your money and improved performance. To help our customers with the chemistry and testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for free service.

Anti Skinning Agent
Top Notch UBE Japan

The addition of anti-skinning agents to paint prevents the formation of skin, which is formed due to oxidation and polymerization of the binder at the paint-air interface.

Classic International Trading has brought one of the best anti-skinning agents in Pakistan, MEKO from UBE Industries, Japan. MEKO is an excellent anti-skinning agent for oil and latex paints and coatings. It is also widely used as an isocyanate-blocking agent in priming automobiles (electrodeposition coating) for paint jobs and as a curing agent for silicon rubber due to its outstanding water and heat resistance.

Emulsifier & Thickening Agent
Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC) & Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

CITECH® Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC) E30K, a nonionic, water-soluble polymer, is a white, free-flowing granular powder maintaining 95% or above purity making it an excellent choice for paints to personal care products manufacturing. CITECH® HEC - E30K easily dissolves in cold or hot water to give crystal-clear, shear-thinning solutions of varying viscosity. Furthermore, low to medium molecular weight types are fully soluble in glycerol and have good solubility in hydro-alcoholic systems containing up to 60 percent ethanol.

CITCOL - 30000 is a high purity Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) powder with high viscosity for multiple applications across. The product is suitable for paints and coatings adhesives, agriculture, gel packs and many other applications. It also can be used in batteries and energy storage electronics.

CLASSIC® International Trading (CIT)
Winning Together

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