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Shandong Jinhai

The company manufactures  famous  R6618,  R6628 and R6658 and is the largest TiO2 seller in Pakistan. Shandong Jinhai Titanium Resources Technology Co., Ltd., is a part of the Lubei Enterprise Group and is located in the Lubei High Technology Development Zone in the Shandong Province. Shandong Jinhai is fore-runner in the titanium dioxide manufacturing in China and produces 150,000 MT annually with the support of 200 engineers and technologists giving them an edge over competitors. The company will soon commission its chloride based plant hence stay tuned.

Maple Polyester Resin

Yantai Fenglin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is serving its clients since 1998 and its “Maple®” brand has been enjoying the trust and support of its customers all over the world. Today, "Maple" is the largest selling polyester resin brand in Pakistan. Yantai Fenglin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. boasts on environment-friendly high-tech production system integrated with R&D, production, sales and technical services. With an annual production capacity of 110,000 MT, today the company offers the most comprehensive product portfolio including hybrid polyester resin, TGIC curing polyester resin, Primid polyester resin, PT910 polyester resin and PU polyester resin. Maple's is the leading supplier to Jotun, Diamond, Supreme, Berger and OrvaPlus and FL 2013, FL 1050, FL 2010, FL 1050, FL 2011, FL 1067, and FL 1063, 1050, 1074, 2011; continue to enjoy the trust of our customers.

Shanxi Bright Kaolin

Britex 95, 96 and 108 sound familiar, Right? Britex is the largest selling brand in Pakistan. All leading producers Akzo Nobel, Berger, Kansai, Master and Nippon rely on these products. Shanxi Bright Kaolin Technology Corp. Limited is the largest producer of high-grade calcined kaolin in Asia. Shanxi Bright takes pride in leading the quality production standards in China while exceeding the international standards of quality owning to natural blue tone in the clay. Shanxi Bright Kaolin boast its capacity on the state of the art technology and equipment from Britain, the United States and an unmatched team of over 400 highly skilled employees. Their R&D’s insatiable desire to constantly improve the products and related technology has given us confidence to offer you the best.


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