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Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
Pigments (Oxides & Chromes), and Dispersions

We offer you the most popular brand of Pakistan Shandong Jinhai Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). The range includes R6618 (solvant based applications), R6628 (water based applications) & R6658 (plastic and Master Batch applications). The range helps you to economize your production costs, based on your needs without compromising quality. The choices available with us allows you to stay ahead of competition.

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Paint Driers

We know that the type of metal or blend used can affect the way a polymer cures. You are looking for Cobalt, Neo-Cobalt, Calcium, Zirconium, Zinc, Magnesium or Strontium. Or maybe you are looking for a combination of driers as single component. We offer you a one stop solution. You can rely on our expertise, advice and supplies.


If you are looking for any specific property improvements in your products, we offer a range of solutions including dispersing agents that eases the incorporation of pigments and fillers into liquids or antifoams. Maintaining our tradition of delivering high quality products by adding more value, we assure best combination of value for your money.

Resins and Polymers

Are you looking for alkyd, PVA, Acrylic, Polyester, Epoxy or Poly-Urethane resins? ............Then look no more!  You can depend on us for economizing your production. With assured quality and timely supply - you can predict your cost and have an edge in the market, pushing your competitors’ to match your standards. We specialize in formulation assistance and batch production supervision without a penny extra adding to your cost.

We offer pigments and dispersion for coatings and paints, printing, packaging, construction chemicals, adhesives, fiber bonding, plastics, paper, and more. With our in-house lab support, and sourcing from top notch manufacturers, you can rely on us for long term sustainable solutions and consistent supply both ex-stock and on indenting arrangements. The wide variety that we offer includes organic, inorganic and oxides such as yellow and red oxides, Pigment Red 122,  Pigment Yellow 1, Pigment Black 7, Pigment Blue 15, Pigment Green 7, and a complete range of pearlescent pigments. The list does not end here Contact us for more options or Download our product list.

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Solvents, Glycols and many more

For Solvents and glycols, we are engaged with world renowned suppliers from Turkey, Malysia, Taiwan, UAE, China and Korea. We facilitate our customers with bulk and just in time inventories in small and large packages. The flexibility of choice of packaging and range of suppliers reduces your inventory burden. The availability of allied products such as acrylates, monomers, thickeners and dispersing agents makes it more viable to do business with us.


Increasing environmental regulations, among other factors, are motivating change in how surfactants are used in today's industry. CIT is now market leader in providing you conventional and non-conventional solutions that meet or exceed your regular surfactant performance. CIT can help you meet changing global expectations and address your needs of diverse portfolio of effective alternatives. Our surfactants work well with variety of applications, including cleaning product formulations, paints and coatings, agriculture, and emulsion polymerization.

Powder Coating & Resins

We offer powder coating maufacturers a complete turn key solution. You can ask us for raw materials and we can set up production lines with advanced technology that integrates efficiency, energy savings, security, safety-explosion protection and lower noise. We bet that equipment that we supply will exceed your expectations when compared with similar euipement in the industry

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