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R6618 Shandong Jinhai Titanium Dioxide

R6618(T) TiO2

Largest selling brand now in your reach, a superior combo of cost and quality

Lamirsa Biocide Spain


The reliability of your water based coating depends on Mericide range from Spain

ADD-A40 an additive forwater based coatings


Our EU-based Add-A40, Add-5002 & Add-5244 series have been block busters


Aluminium Silicate

Remarkable filler and anti-settling agent in paints & as reinforcing agent in rubber

BP-183 Huate.png

Rheology Modifier

BP-183- I adjusts the flow for improved viscosity and application characteristics

Britex 108 - Superior Calcined Kaolin Clay

Britex 108

A supreme quality Calcined Kaolin for extended TiO2 enhancement/ replacement

Union Colours dispersions for paints

Unicol Dispersions

Manufactured in the UK, China, India & South Africa - the largest in the world



Rely on Japanese technology & quality from UBE, simply the best


C.M.C. Gum

An emulsifier, thickener and a stabilizer, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Driers EGE.png

Paint Driers

Surface to deep drying is a science, no one knows better than EGE KiMIYA.


White Pigment, Enhancers, Extenders & Replacers

The pigmentation technology has evolved considerably. We offer Pakistan's most famous TiO2 grades R6618, R6628 & R6658 covering the entire spectrum of white pigmentation in paints, coatings, inks and plastic master batch. We also offer TiO2 Extenders, enhancers and replacers. Calcined Kaolin, the most famous grades Britex 95 & 96 along with replacers such as Britex-108 and Aluminium Silicate. Remember, this all with free technical advisory and trial testing in our in-house lab ensuring secrecy and proprietary of your formulations.


Pigments (Oxides & Chromes), and Dispersions

We offer pigments and dispersion for paint, coating, printing, fiber bonding, plastics, and paper industries. With our in-house lab support, and sourcing from Union Colours, UK, you can rely on us for long term sustainable solutions and consistent supply both ex-stock and on indenting arrangements. The wide variety that we offer includes organic, inorganic and oxides such as yellow and red oxides, Pigment Red 122,  Pigment Yellow 1, Pigment Black 7, Pigment Blue 15, Pigment Green 7.


Paint Driers

Primary through auxiliary driers are required for all formulations. Like, an expert chef you need to know the perfect blend. We know the types and or blends how they affect the drying times and paint appearance. You are looking for Cobalt, Neo-Cobalt, Calcium, Zirconium, Zinc, Magnesium or Strontium. Or maybe you are looking for a combination of driers as single component. We offer you a one stop shop solution. You can rely on our expertise, advice and supplies.


Powder Coating & Resins

We offer powder coating manufacturers a complete solution. You can ask us for raw materials from world renowned and Pakistan most popular supplier Yantai Fenglin Advanced Material Company. We offer complete range of Maple brand products including Hybrid Polyester resins, TGIC based resins, HAA based resins, and most of all Epoxy & TGIC resins that blends well with the "Maple" line. All at one shop, isn't it great? 


Solvents, Glycols and more

For Solvents and glycols, we are engaged with world renowned suppliers from Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan, UAE, China and Korea. We facilitate our customers with bulk and just in time inventories in small and large packages. The flexibility of choice of packaging and range of suppliers reduces your inventory burden. The availability of allied products such as acrylates, monomers, thickeners and dispersing agents makes it more viable to do business with us.


Additives: Wetting, Dispersing, Leveling, Flow, Defoaming Agents 

If you are looking for any specific property improvements in your products, we offer a range of solutions including wetting, dispersing agents, flow and leveling agents or defoamers and antifoams. We are maintaining our tradition of delivering high quality products by adding more value, we have ensured best value for your money and improved performance. To help our customers with the chemistry and testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for free service.

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